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Grateful Dead collection on
GD Setlists provided by Deadbase. Posters from Wolfgang's Vault. Tickets and Passes from

March 23, 1972 Academy of Music, New York, N.Y. (Thu)
Soundboard Master Reel > Apogee AD500 > DAT (Chrarlie Miller Transfer)

Academy of Music, New York

1: China Cat> I Know You Rider, B. T. Wind, Chinatown Shuffle, B. E. Women, BIODTL, Cumberland, L. L. Rain, Mr. Charlie, Tennessee Jed, El Paso, You Win Again, Jack Straw, Next Time, Playin, Comes A Time, Bobby McGee, Casey Jones
2: Truckin, Ramble On, Two Souls, Mexicali, Dark Star, Big Boss Man, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA E: Sugar Magnolia

March 23, 1974 Cow Palace, Daly City, Ca. (Sat)
Soundboard Master Reel > DAT > CD (Scott Clugston ; Leigh Orf Transfer)

The Cow Palace

1: U. S. Blues, Promised, B. E. Women, Mexicali, Tennessee Jed, B. T. Wind, Scarlet, BIODTL, Roses, El Paso, Deal, Cassidy, China Cat> I Know You Rider, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow
2: Playin> Uncle John> Morning Dew> Uncle John> Playin, Ship Of Fools, Big River, Ramble On, Me & My Uncle, Bertha, Around, Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones E: Saturday Night "The Sound Test" for The Wall Of Sound - first "Cassidy" - first "Scarlet"

March 23, 1975 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, Ca. (Sun)
Soundboard Master Reel > DAT (Charlie Miller Transfer)

Kezar Stadium

Blues For Allah> Stronger Than Dirt> Drums> Stronger Than Dirt> Blues For Allah E: Johnny B. Goode
first "Blues For Allah" - first "Stronger Than Dirt" - with Merl Saunders and Ned Lagin - without Donna - FM broadcast KIOI-San Francisco - Students Need Athletics Culture & Kicks (SNACK) benefit - also: Doobie Brothers; Graham Central Station; Mimi Farina; Jefferson Starship; Joan Baez; Santana; Tower Of Power; Bob Dylan with Neil Young

March 23, 1981 Rainbow Theater, London, England (Mon)
Audience Master Cassette (Doogal Macdonald Transfer)

March 23, 1981 Rainbow Theater Ticket

1: Jack Straw, TLEO, Cassidy, Roses> El Paso, Ramble On, Minglewood, Sugaree, Lazy Lightning> Supplication
2: Bird Song, Samson, To Lay Me Down, Terrapin> Playin> Drumz> Other One> Stella Blue> Sugar Magnolia E: Casey Jones

March 23, 1986 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pa. (Sun)
Soundboard Master Cassette (Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 23, 1986 Spectrum Pass

1: Gimme Some Lovin> Deal, Hand Jive, Candyman, Cassidy, West L. A., Mama Tried> Big River> Might As Well
2: Shakedown> Samson, He's Gone> Spoonful> Drumz> Other One> Comes A Time> Good Lovin E: Day Job
sound check: "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"

March 23, 1987 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va. (Mon)
Soundboard Master Cassette > Cassette (Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 23, 1987 Hampton Pass

1: Touch, Rooster, Althea, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Iko Iko, Tons Of Steel, Stranger, Don't Ease
2: Box Of Rain> Woman Smarter, Ship Of Fools, Truckin> Drumz> Other One> Stella Blue> Throwing Stones> Lovelight E: U. S. Blues

March 23, 1991 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, N.Y. (Sat)
Soundboard DAT > Cassette (Charlie Miller Transfer)

1991 Spring Tour Laminate

1: Jack Straw, Bertha, Walking Blues, FOTD, Masterpiece, Loser, Cassidy, New Speedway
2: Iko Iko, Saint, Ship Of Fools, Playin> Drumz> Watchtower> Morning Dew> Saturday Night E: Heaven's Door
without Bruce Hornsby

March 23, 1992 The Palace, Auburn Hills, Mi. (Mon)
Soundboard DAT > CD (John Zei Transfer)

March 23, 1992 Auburn Hills Pass

1: Jack Straw, Cold Rain, Walking Blues, Loose Lucy, Masterpiece, West L. A., BIODTL, Tennessee Jed> Music
2: Victim, Wave To The Wind, Crazy Fingers> Uncle John> Drumz> Wheel> Watchtower> Morning Dew E: Gloria
last "Gloria": 11-01-85 [468]

March 23, 1994 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, N.Y. (Wed)
Audience DAT (AKG 460b/ck61s ; Dave Flaschner Tape ; Chris Davis Transfer)

March 23, 1994 Nassau Ticket

1: Shakedown, Rooster, Row Jimmy, El Paso@, Might As Well> Promised
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider, Woman Smarter, So Many Roads, Truckin> Drumz> Miracle> SOTM> Good Lovin E: U. S. Blues
final/last "Might As Well": 06-17-91 [187]

March 23, 1995 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, N.C. (Thu)
Soundboard DAT (first set has an additional cassette generation ; Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 23, 1995 Charlotte Ticket

1: Half Step, Wang Dang Doodle, Cold Rain, El Paso@, Loser, Easy Answers, So Many Roads
2: Unbroken Chain, Scarlet> Fire> Corinna> Matilda> Drumz> Jam> Space> Days Between*> Good Lovin E: The Weight
*Bruce on keyboards and Vince on grand pianowith Bruce Hornsby on grand piano - last "Space": 02-20-91 [306] - final "The Weight"


Phish Setlists provided by Phish Stats from ZZYZX. Audio from

March 23, 1987 Nectar's, Burlington, Vt. (Mon)


Set 1: Funky Bitch, Mike's Song > Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, You Enjoy Myself -> Sparks[1]
Set 2: Fluffhead, Peaches en Regalia, Ride Captain Ride[1] -> Dave's Energy Guide -> Corinna, Why Don't You Love Me? -> Camel Walk, Golgi Apparatus, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
[1] First known Phish performance.
Notes: Based on comments made by the band during the show, it appears that there may have been a third set. However, only the first two sets are known to circulate. This gig featured the first known performances of Ride Captain Ride and Sparks.

March 23, 1991 The Inferno, Steamboat Springs, Co. (Sat)

Phish 1992

Set 1: The Sloth, The Divided Sky, Fee, Llama, I Didn't Know, The Curtain > Possum, Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, Rocky Top
Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture, Bathtub Gin, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > AC/DC Bag, My Sweet One, Tweezer, The Lizards, Uncle Pen, Cavern, David Bowie[1], Contact
Encore: Take the 'A' Train, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars
[1] "Charge!" teases from Mike in intro.

Zero Logo

Setlists provided by Audio from Zero on and Steve Kimock Band on
and KVHW on

March 23, 1986 Zero: Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, Ca. (Sun)
Soundboard Master Casstte (Steve Block Tape ; Rich Selleseth Transfer)


Baby Baby, Tangled Hangers, Higher Ground, Severe Tire Damage > Little Wing > Higher & Higher

March 23, 2003 Steve Kimock Band: Chester's Place, Fayetteville, Ar. (Sum)
Soundboard Master Casstte (Steve Block Tape ; Rich Selleseth Transfer)


Set 1: SK solo improv (Regal), Le Petite Groove (Regal), Ground Hog (Regal), Arf, She Cried (Regal), Mr. Potato Head (octave mandolin), Hillbillies on PCP (octave mandolin)
Set 2: Bronx Experiment (octave mandolin, walnut stringmaster with ebow), Many Rivers to Cross (white stringmaster) Cowboy (white stringmaster), "Acoustic" Wildlife (octave mandolin), Steel Guitar Rag (rickenbacker lap steel), Can't Find My Way Home (rickenbacker lap steel), Five B/4 Funk (octave mandolin), Stella Blue (white stringmaster) e: God Bless America (SK solo on baritone ukelele)

March 23, 2017 Steve Kimock Band: Blue Note, Honolulu, O'ahu, Hi. (Thu)
Digital Audience Tape (Neumann TLM 103 ; Taper-Jay for Zann Taylor ; Music Archive Kaua'i Unlimited [MAKU] Transfer)


Tangled Hangers, Philadelphia Mambo, Nana's Chalk Pipe, Tongue & Groove, Hillbillies On PCP > Franklin's Tower (tease) > Hillbillies On PCP, You're The One > Pusher Man > You're The One, +Chimenti & Kimock Interview HPR March 23, 2017 & Steve Kimock Interview HPR March 16, 2017