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San Francisco ChronicleViews from Northern California

Grateful Dead collection on
GD Setlists provided by Deadbase. Posters from Wolfgang's Vault. Tickets and Passes from

March 28, 1969 Student Center, Modesto Jr. College, Modesto, Ca. (Fri)
Bear's Soundboard Master Cassette (Bob Menke; David Minches, Derek McCabe Transfer)

Jerry and Bear

1: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl ; Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Death Don't Have No Mercy > Turn On Your Love Light
2: Cryptical Envelopment > Drums > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment

March 28, 1972 Academy of Music, New York, N.Y. (Tue)
Audience Master Cassette > Cassette (x4) > Soundforge > CD (Uli Teute; Hanno Bunges; SIRMick Transfer)

Academy of Music

1: Truckin, Tennessee Jed, Chinatown Shuffle, B. T. Wind, You Win Again, Mr. Charlie, Mexicali, Brokedown, Next Time, Cumberland, L. L. Rain, Big RxR Blues, El Paso, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Casey Jones
2: Playin, Sugaree, Two Souls, Sugar Magnolia> Other One, Hurts Me Too, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA E: Sidewalks Of New York> Saturday Night
only "Sidewalks Of New York"

March 28, 1973 Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfield, Ma. (Wed)
Post Production Matrix (Beyer Mics Audience Master Cassette and SMR > DAT > CD Charlie Miller Transfers ; Kevin Tobin Matrix)

Springfield Civic Center

1: Cumberland, H. C. Sunshine, Mexicali, Wave That Flag, BIODTL, Loser, Jack Straw, Box Of Rain, TLEO, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Around, B. E. Women, You Ain't Woman Enough, L. L. Rain, China Cat> I Know You Rider
2: Promised, Loose Lucy, Me & My Uncle, Don't Ease, Race Is On, Stella Blue, Big River, Half Step, WRS Prelude> Dark Star> Eyes> Playin, Johnny B. Goode

March 28, 1981 Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany (Sat)
FM Broadcast > Reel (Hanno Bunjes Transfer)

March 28, 1981 Essen Ticket

1: Alabama> Greatest> Sugaree, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, Shakedown, Rooster, Althea> L. L. Rain> Deal
2: Samson, Ship Of Fools, Estimated> He's Gone> Other One> Drumz**> NFA*> Wharf Rat*> Around*> Good Lovin* E: Saturday Night*
*with Pete Townshend **with The Flying Karamozov Brothers. TV and FM broadcast over Europe - also: The Who

March 28, 1984 Marin County Veterans Auditorium, San Rafael, Ca. (Wed)
Audience Master Cassette (Sony ECM 939LT - 20th Row ; Andrew Faintych Tape ; Anne Cohen and Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 28, 1984 Marin Vet's Ticket

1: Iko Iko, C. C. Rider, Loser, El Paso, West L. A., BIODTL, Candyman, Let It Grow
2: Ain't No Lie*, Bucket, China Cat> I Know You Rider> Playin> Don't Need Love**> Drumz> Wheel> Truckin> Spoonful> Around> Johnny B. Goode E: Touch
*without Bob & Brent **without Jerry & Phil. first Rex Foundation benefit - first "Don't Need Love" - final/last "Ain't No Lie": 10-16-81 [144] - last "El Paso": 12-28-82 [69]

March 28, 1985 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, N.Y. (Thu)
Post Production Matrix (by Hunter Seamons ; SBD> MC> DAT> CDR and AUD PCM Schoeps CMC441s > Oade Pre)

March 28, 1985 Nassau Pass

1: Truckin> Smokestack*> High Time, El Paso, Peggy-O, Cassidy, China Cat> I Know You Rider
2: Scarlet> Fire> L. L. Rain> Jam> Drumz> Gimme Some Lovin> Other One> Black Peter> Sugar Magnolia E: Day Job
*with Matt Kelly

March 28, 1986 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Me. (Fri)
Audience Master Cassette (Neumann U87s - front of board ; Paul Hogan Tape ; Charles Hogan Transfer)

March 28, 1986 Cumberland County Ticket

1: Iko Iko, BIODTL, Loser, Good Times, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali, Althea, Box Of Rain
2: Playin> Franklin's> Miracle> Playin> Drumz> Wheel> Mr. Fantasy> Playin> Around> Good Lovin E: Baby Blue

March 28, 1988 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va. (Mon)
Soundboard Master Cassette (Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 28, 1988 Hampton Ticket

1: Stranger> Franklin's, Box Of Rain, Push, Walking Blues, Roses, Masterpiece> Bird Song, Music
2: Touch> Woman Smarter, Ship Of Fools, Truckin> Drumz> Other One> Stella Blue> Throwing Stones> NFA E: Mighty Quinn

March 28, 1989 The Omni, Atlanta, Ga. (Tue)
Soundboard Master Cassette (Joani Walker, Paul Scotton, Charlie Miller Transfer)

1989 Spring Tour Pass

1: LTGTR> Franklin's> Stranger, Stagger Lee, Memphis Blues, Ramble On, Let It Grow> Don't Ease
2: Samson, Ship Of Fools, Playin> Foolish Heart> Drumz> Gimme Some Lovin, Wharf Rat> Throwing Stones> NFA E: Box Of Rain

March 28, 1990 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, N.Y. (Wed)
Soundboard DAT > Cassette (Steve Marcus and Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 28, 1990 Nassau Ticket

1: Cold Rain> Minglewood, Easy To Love You, High Time, Queen Jane, Loose Lucy, Cassidy> Deal
2: Foolish Heart> L. L. Rain> Cumberland> The Weight, Hey Pocky Way> Drumz> Other One> Wharf Rat> Good Lovin E: Revolution
last "High Time": 12-09-88 [92] - "L. L. Rain" appears on "Without A Net" - first "The Weight" - final "Revolution"

March 28, 1991 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, N.Y. (Thu)
Soundboard DAT > Cassette > CD (Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 28, 1991 Nassau Ticket

1: Bertha> Greatest, Loser, B. T. Wind, Ramble On, Let It Grow
2: Victim> Foolish Heart> Woman Smarter> Drumz> China Doll> GDTRFB> Good Lovin E: Terrapin
without Bruce Hornsby - last "Terrapin" encore: 07-08-78 [907]

March 28, 1993 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, N.Y. (Sun)
Soundboard DAT (David Gans and Charlie Miller Transfer)

March 28, 1993 Knickerbocker Arena Ticket

1: Half Step, Walking Blues, So Many Roads, Masterpiece, High Time, Eternity, Deal
2: Scarlet> Fire, Samson, Ship Of Fools, Wave To The Wind> Truckin> Drumz> Way To Go, Attics> Lovelight E: Heaven's Door
sound check: Whiskey In The Jar, Alabama, Big Boy Pete, Attics, Wave To The Wind, Jack A Roe, IFTL

March 27, 1994 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, N.Y. (Mon)
Audience DAT (Schoeps mk4s - front of board ; Ace Cubby Tape ; Chris Larson Transfer)

March 28, 1994 Nassau Ticket

1: LTGTR> Bertha, Greatest, West L. A., Masterpiece, Roses, BIODTL, Peggy-O, Music
2: Rain, Victim> Box Of Rain> He's Gone> TWBS> GDTRFB> Drumz> Watchtower> Days Between> Lovelight E: Brokedown

PhishShows on these days in History


Phish Setlists provided by Phish Stats from ZZYZX. Audio from

March 28, 1990 Beta Intramural Hockey Team Party, Denison University, Granville, OH. (Wed)
Soundboard Master Cassette > DAT? > Cassette > DAT > CD (Ben Mohr and Brendan Komala Transfer)

Denison University

Set 1: Possum, Ya Mar, Fee, Walk Away, Tweezer[1], Uncle Pen[2], The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Take the 'A' Train, Runaway Jim[1], You Enjoy Myself, Good Times Bad Times
Set 2: Funky Bitch, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Jesus Just Left Chicago, The Lizards, Split Open and Melt, Contact[3], La Grange, Rift, Cavern[1], Highway to Hell, If I Only Had a Brain[4]
Encore: Carolina, Sweet Adeline[2], Whipping Post
[1] First known performance.
[2] First known Phish performance.
[3] Popeye theme tease from Trey.
[4] Fishman on trombone.
Notes: This show marked the first known performances of Tweezer, Cavern, and Runaway Jim as well as the first known Phish performances of Sweet Adeline and Uncle Pen. Contact contained a Popeye theme tease from Trey and If I Only Had a Brain featured Fishman on trombone. A cover of James Bracken’s Steppin’ Out (which appears on Live Cream Volume II) may have been performed as the first encore tune, but this is unconfirmed.

March 28, 1991 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, Ca. (Thu)
Audience DAT

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz

Set 1: Golgi Apparatus, The Divided Sky, Cavern, The Landlady > Bouncing Around the Room, YYou Enjoy Myself, Guelah Papyrus, My Sweet One, David Bowie, The Squirming Coil, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Hold Your Head Up > Love You >Hold Your Head Up, Chalk Dust Torture
Encore: Lawn Boy, Fire
Notes: In one of the greatest bargains ever, Phish’s first West Coast show was on The Catalyst’s “Dollar Night” where the cover charge was only one dollar.

March 28, 1992 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Ga. (Sat)
No Source Information

Variety Playhouse, Atlanta

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sparkle, Stash, Rift, Bouncing Around the Room, The Landlady > David Bowie -> Lullaby of Birdland[1] > David Bowie > Secret Language Instructions[2] > David Bowie, Glide, Cavern
Set 2: Memories, Carolina, I Didn't Know[3], Sweet Adeline
[1] Phish debut.
[2] Simpsons, Random Note, Turn Turn Turn, and All Fall Down signals introduced.
[3] Fishman on trombone.
Notes: This show featured the Phish debut of Lullaby of Birdland. The Secret Language Instructions featured the introductions of the Simpsons, Random Note, Turn Turn Turn, and All Fall Down signals. The second set was performed a cappella due to a small flood in the theatre. Authorities refused to allow the band to plug in their instruments, including the Bag-Vac. I Didn't Knowe featured Fishman on trombone.

March 28, 1993 East Gym, Humboldt State University, Arcata, Ca. (Sun)
No Source Information


Set 1: The Landlady, Funky Bitch, Sparkle, Split Open and Melt, The Lizards, The Sloth, Maze, Fee, It's Ice, Lawn Boy, Run Like an Antelope[1]
Set 2: Walk Away, Runaway Jim, Mound, Bathtub Gin, Big Ball Jam, You Enjoy Myself > My Life As a Pez[2] > You Enjoy Myself, Paul and Silas, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Possum[3] Encore: Contact, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars[4]
[1] Fishin' Hole and Axel F teases.
[2] Phish debut.
[3] McGrupp teases.
[4] Repeated teases of the Leave It to Beaver theme, primarily from Mike.
Notes: This show included the Phish debut of My Life As a Pez. Antelope included Fishin' Hole (aka The Andy Griffith Show theme) and Axel F teases; Possum included McGrupp teases. There were also repeated teases of the Leave It to Beaver theme in BBFCFM, primarily from Mike. During Contact, Trey wished Shelly Culbertson a safe journey on her trip out to Boston.

Zero Logo

Setlists provided by Audio from Zero on and Steve Kimock Band on
and KVHW on

March 28, 1998 Catalyst - Santa Cruz, Ca. (Sat)
Audience DAT (Microtech-Gefell M300s - on stage ; Brian Abramson Tape ; Charlie Miller Transfer)


Set 1: Cole's Law > Tangled Hangers, Pits Of Thunder, Friday's Child, Theme From Nancy Germany, Catalina
Set 2: Mr. Broadway, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, La Fiesta, Can't Keep A Good Man Down, Gregg's Eggs > If Six Were Nine > Papa Was A Rolling Stone > If Six Were Nine > Gregg's Eggs, Use Me Up